Love is Love

I have been always curious where in the city I could find this beautiful art made by @jgoldcrown . Street art has been very popular in New York. Especially in the Soho area, East Village, Little Italy , and Williamsburg. I get inspired just by looking at them. It kinda gives me energy. All the colors that are mixed, gives me new ideas. Since I attend in a Fashion Institute, I start to understand the feelings of art on how they are trying to explain to you and what you can learn from it. I couldn’t just walk away from it. For my personal memories, I decided to take some photos of course. I was wearing a black off shoulder top from Urban Outfitters. Its very comfortable and it was a good sale that you can also get. A Denim skirt is a legacy of the 90’s fashion. We all are familiar with denim right? This is my favorite wardrobe essential that makes me look and feel awesome. This year denim skirts are coming back with a bang. I was wearing a high waisted A-line denim skirt from ZARA, a brown lather belt with a gold buckle from TOPSHOP, and a black suede over the knee boots from Marcfisher. Love is Love. Love yourself and everybody around you. Spread the positivist. What do you think about this look?

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