Ready for the summer

This year, I decided to be very healthy: eat right, work hard and no more cheat days. I’m one of those kind of people who can’t live without sweets and it was really hard to stay away from junk food. In New York, there’s a lot of temptation of different cuisines. You can find anything you like. On my first year in the USA, I went from 54kg to 62 kg. (omg it’s really hard to believe). I was very chubby, no energy, and I lost self-confident. I understood that nobody will love me as I do. Nobody will help me work on my body and make me look perfect how I wanted to be. Nobody has the power to transform you. Only you have the power to do that. My weight at the moment is 54 kg. I was working really hard to get the lean body and of course to be ready for the summer. On my weekends, I went to East Hampton and took some time to relax on the beach. Recently, I got this nude color bathing suit from forever21 . It is a knit triangle bikini top featuring sheer mesh panel trim and a Y-back. I added summer white earrings from vanessamooney  to it. They have been so popular this summer and it goes with anything. I love them so much. The necklace was from h&m. This is it. Have a great weekend’s guys.


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  1. You look fabulous baby! Go girl💋

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